Paul's Favorite Stereo Photography Links
An excelellent overall source of information and lots and lots of links.

Processing for Lenticular prints from Nimslo and Nishika cameras:

Berezin Stereo Photography Products:
Excellent selection of 3-D glasses and various supplies for stereo photography.

Rocky Mountain Memories:
U.S. distributor for Spicer stereo mounts and other supplies.

The Photo-3D Mailing List:

Reel 3D Enterprises:
Reel 3D Enterprises
They once were the most complete source of new supplies for stereo photography, but have shut down.

3-D from Dalia:
A source for hard-to-find stereo supplies and equipment, lots of View-Master stuff.

How to make anaglyphs using Adobe Photoshop:

3D Concepts - Jon Golden  US Distributor for RBT slide mounts, RBT cameras and other toys to drool over:

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Last revised May 28, 2006