More details of my stereo slide mounting jig

Here are some more photos showing details of the jig I made for mounting stereo slides.  Inside the box is a small fluorescent lamp, 8 watts I think.


Set up for mounting.


Open to insert slide mount.  Hold-down clamps are attached to a sliding piece of acrylic with a cutout to accomodate the slide mount. 


Viewer is lowered to check mounting accuracy.


Mounting gauge from Reel-3D Enterprises is attached to lower piece of acrylic.  There are 2 strips of teflon tape to space the sliding part up off of the gauge.  There is also a piece of clear acrylic on the bottom of the sliding section.  It is important that this piece be very thin (< 1/16 inch).


Film chips are held down by toggle clamps with estension bars and rubber tips added.  The toggle clamps came out of an old splicer.  Note that the left one is attached to a microscope stage to allow for X & Y adjustment after the viewer is lowered.


Here is a fuzzy close-up of the toggle clamp.  I remove the upper bar when using RBT mounts, and keep both in place when using heat seal mounts.


Here is another view of the left toggle clamp.


The viewer was cut out of a Franka viewer.  The lenses aren't the greatest, but are adequate for the purpose.