Explanation of film condition

Most of the films that I sell are library prints that have been shown many times. Do not expect a mint condition print, unless I describe it as such.

I have tried to describe the films accurately. I have screened most of these, but not all.

These all come on reels and some are in cans.  If you don't want cans, let me know and I won't include them in your shipping weight.

This is how I rate film condition.  Others may do it differently.

Color ratings:

I have rated the color as follows:

Some titles I have examined edge codes and will describe as LPP, Agfa, Fuji, SP, Kodachrome, etc.

Very good color: Probably LPP, Agfa, Fuji, Kodachrome or good SP; but an unusually good late Eastman may have slipped in.

Good color: Probably late Eastman such as SP or the so-called "4b", might be Agfa or Fuji.

OK color: Eastman that is lacking in saturation or Dmax, but doesn't have a noticeable red cast. The shadows might be turning a little brown.

Slightly faded: shadows are maroon, skies are white, still a little green or yellow remain.

Faded: varying degrees of redness.

Red as a beet:  nothing but red

Very faded: nothing but red, and even the red isn't all that dark.

Abbreviations and Glossary:

NMT = No Main Titles

NET = No End Titles

LPP = Eastman's most recent color stock, Usually vivid color, very good fade resistance.

SP = An Eastman color stock from the 1970ís and early 1980ís that holds its color pretty well, but can turn brownish.

4b = Allegedly an Eastman color stock from the 1970ís and early 1980ís that usually holds its color pretty well, similar to SP.  There really is no film stock marked "4b", the "4b" is a dot pattern that has nothing to do with the stock.  Supposedly there were some batches of an Eastman low fade stock from this time period that were not marked otherwise, and hold up quite well. But, I have also seen films marked "4b" that are nice and red.

AG= Agfa = Color stock that holds up better than Eastman, probably as good as LPP.

Fuji = Color stock that holds up better than Eastman, maybe as good as LPP.

Kodachrome = Color process from Eastman, Excellent fade resistance.  Found mostly on older prints.

Tech = Technicolor = IB Tech = Dye transfer color process, Excellent fade resistance, very rich colors.

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