Ken Layton's 16mm Projector Repair Service

Ken is an expert in repairing many different models of 16mm movie projectors.  He specializes in restoration of vacuum tube (valve) amplifiers.  He has recently acquired the rare Bell and Howell alignment fixtures that allow for the correct replacement of cracked worm gears.  New worm gears should outlast the originals many times over and provide decades of reliable service.  Contact Ken using the email address or the form below to request an estimate for 16 mm film projector repair.

Ken has experince with repairing most 16mm projectors with the exception of Elmo and Kodak.

B&H tools/worm gear problems apply to the 500 series (TQ1 series in the UK), 1500 series (TQ2 series in the UK), and 2500 series (TQ3 series in the UK)

Ken has been a great help to the film collecting community, and deserves your support when looking for a source for your repair needs.

To contact Ken Layton, send e-mail to the address shown below.

k l a y t o n 8 8 8 AT a o l  DOT c o m

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