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Paul's Film Collector's Links

Film Collecting Links:

The 16mm Collector's Forum (Formerly History in a Can)  The popular 16mm-only discussion board:
This will be moving soon to:

Film Collector's resource center.  Lots of useful information.  Former home of the film collector's list server, now has a film collecting forum.

The film collecting forum at discusses all gauges, and can be found directly at:

Film-Tech, plenty of information about movie presentation, primarily 35mm.  A great collection of 35mm equipment manuals and booth photos:

The 35mm Collectors Forum:

The Home Film Preservation Guide.  An excellent guide to film preservation, targeted at the amateur:

Conservation On Line at Stanford University, a great list of articles on film preservation:

Steve Schuler' film collecting page:
Bob Herman has a wonderful history of 16mm films on his web site:

Phil Johnson has an interesting site with films for sale and lots of great pictures - Phil's Vintage Films and Collectibles:

Mark Silvester's "Silvoscreen" site pays homage to many classic films and genres.  He now has a film collecting forum as well, which is a popular gathering place for film collectors in the U.K.:

Michael Rogge has complied a fascinating site with a great history of film gauges, and a listing of over 3000 film camera and projector models.

If you would like your link included here, contact me.

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Last updated, June 15, 2006.